MP Aging

By applying generalized patterns of changes in skin qualities and facial musculature due to aging, we can generate images of how a user would look aged or rejuvenated.

These effects may be adjusted based on the number of years added or subtracted to the simulated face. This process may also be displayed as a gradual animation.

Each of the elements of the simulated aging -- spots, wrinkles, muscular changes per part -- may also be applied independently of the others.

Aging simulation in itself is easily relatable. Within the field of beauty and cosmetics, this provides a tool that illustrates facial changes to customers, which can lead to sales of cosmetic products.

It is also useful for sharing images of how they would look with spots and wrinkles if they do not take skincare seriously.

Alternatively, they can see how they would have fewer wrinkles and spots, and also have better facial muscle tone, if they make a habit of getting facial massages.

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