MP Makeover

Seamlessly replace a face in a prepared image with the user's face. One can imagine this to be similar to the photo stand-ins usually placed at sightseeing spots.

The idea of replacing the face of some character or person with one's own is simple yet amusing, and is something that can appeal to people of all ages and nationalities. Using our other technologies, the generated image can also be made to show different facial expressions, speak, sing, or be animated in some other way. These animations may also be saved as short video clips, which can provide an additional level of amusement.

Users can place themselves in the shoes of famous cover models by replacing the models' faces with their own.

Users can also take on the role of companies' mascot characters, which is fun and also increases their affinity for the companies.

This also allows users to get an idea of how they would look in outfits by replacing the faces of models and mannequins in clothing catalogs with their own.

Through this makeover technology, we want users to be delighted and to feel a sense of connection with various works by placing themselves in the positions of the protagonists in movies and TV dramas.

There is no limit to the number of faces that can be made over. Every the face in a single image may be made over using a different user's face.

Apps that used our MP Makeover