MP Face Analyzer

Analyze various features and attribute of a face, with our face analysis technologies.

Recognize a face quickly and accurately from images or videos.

*The accuracy of our attribute detection results is about 90%.

Detect whether a face looks male or female.
Detect whether a face is that of an adult or a child.
Additionally, we can approximate age for children's faces.
Analyze the emotional expression of a face. It can determine whether the face looks happy, sad, disgusted, surprised, or angry.
Item on face
Detect whether a face has facial hair, or is wearing a mask or glasses, and so on.
Visitor analytics
Using video from cameras installed in shops or offices, we can identify faces and collect metrics such as the age or sex gender of visitors to help identify trends and patterns in in your visitor demographics. We can also perform comparisons against specific facial data and send alerts when such visitors are identified.