MP Animation

This technology is the foundation of MotionPortrait.

It detects a face in a photo, analyzes it using our unique algorithm, synthesizes a 3D model automatically, and animates that model realistically. This technology patented by MotionPortrait.

The following features making use of our 3D models are available.

- Natural animation
Play animations of actions that humans perform unconsciously, such as blinking, breathing, turning one's head, and so on.

- Expression
Using our proprietary expression engine and texture manipulations, these models can show various facial expressions and can look happy, angry, sad, and so on.

- Lip sync
Using voice data analyzed in real time, the model can be made to lip sync precisely and automatically.

- Virtual Try On
Simulate putting on various facial accessories, such as face paintings, eyeglasses, colored contact lenses, wigs, beards, and so on.

- Makeover
Using combinations of textures and expressions, we can achieve special makeup effects like those used in movies and allow users to transform in zombies, aliens, ghosts, monsters, or anything else.

These features are accessible and customizable using our proprietary tools and also through programming using our SDK.

In addition to having been used by many customers for entertainment-type content, MotionPortrait technology has also been used in digital signage, visitor reception systems, and e-learning systems.

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