What MotionPortrait Can Do

Let us introduce MotionPortrait's technologies.
New applications can be realized by combining these technologies.

MP Animation

This technology is the foundation of MotionPortrait.

It can detect faces in photos, analyze them using our unique algorithm, synthesize 3D models automatically, and animate those models realistically. (This technology patented by MotionPortrait.)

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MP Makeover

Synthesize a user's face into model images.

Our technology is resistant to the effects of image noise, resolution, and other conditions, and stands out for being able to fuse facial images seamlessly.

The extent and balance of the synthesis parameters can be adjusted using a GUI.

Moreover, the fused 3D avatar can also be animated.

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MP Movie

Replace the face of a character in a movie using a user's face.

Our technology can perform these "movie makeovers" regardless of pose or expressions, so users can easily enjoy the actor's performance, but with their own face.

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Virtual try on simulators

MotionPortrait offers a variety of virtual try on (VTO) simulators that make use of our facial analysis technologies.

They can recognize each person's individual facial features, understand the relationships between those parts, and precisely place items where they should go. We have successfully adapted this technology to multiple domains, such as eyeglasses, color contact lenses, facial cosmetics, hair styles, eyelash extensions, and so on.

Virtual Try On simulator

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MP Nigaoe

Analyze users' faces and automatically generate likenesses based on their features.

We ask our clients to prepare appropriate face parts beforehand, and using them we can bring into being our clients' desired aesthetic, whether it be cute, comical, realistic, or anything else.

Of course, these generated faces may also be made to portray facial expressions or animated to speak.

*Feel free to ask us about the number and designs of the parts needed for the likeness (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrow, hairstyle, and so on).

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MP Face Analyzer

Perform evaluations of characteristics using the various facial features and attributes.

Using an expansive collection of data and experience, we have trained detectors that can perform evaluations of accurately and quickly.

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MP Aging

Simulate the effect of aging on faces.

Our technology can show realistic blotches, wrinkles, skin texture, changes in mouth shape, and the other effects of aging.

Alternatively, is also possible to simulate rejuvenation.

The different facial characteristics related to aging can also be applied individually.

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