MP Chatbot

It is possible to generate a chatbot from an avatar.

With the use of audio and rich facial expressions, the avatar creates a stronger bound with the user in comparison with text bots.

You can use a variety of avatars from MotionPortrait, or you can use your own character as an avatar.

3D model is generated from only 1 photo. It is easy, no need to use expensive 3D authoring tools.

Natural lip-sync is automatically generated from voice data in real-time. All languages are supported beecause the algorithm is not dependent on language.

MotionPortrait technology plays very natural unconscious animation and customized expressions, such as happy, angry, sad, etc.

Our technology can be used in many applications such as business website home page, foreign language learning app, lone elderly communication system, etc.

We provide not only the avatar but also the total solution including speech recognition, linguistic analysis, AI learning, etc. so it can directly be integrated into business applications. From mobile to web applications, our technology supports various platforms.

Apps that used our MP Chatbot technology