Glasses Virtual Try-On

Our standard platform is simple to install

Install without initial cost

・The standard platform is equipped with basic functions.

・The simulator can be introduced without intial development cost if used without changing the functions and UI.

Take photos using the camera or select one from the photo library
PD value adjustment
Adjust PD values with slider
Lens effect
Select lens effect based on near or far vision.
Lens color
Select lens color (standard 5 colors)
Function for adding to favorites
Product selection filters
Search products based on attributes (price/ shape/ color/ material/ favorites)
Product selection filters
Display product information (product descriptions/price/attributes)

The license fee is based on the number of product added to the simulator

・You can start on a small scale by focusing on the frames you want to promote.

・Contact us for the detailed price structure.

Easy to add to Websites

・Adding the simulator to existing Websites is simple and can be done in no time.

・We provide a server for operating the simulator.

MP Glasses Simulator Capabilities

Integrated Platform

Offers an integrated platform that goes beyond a front-end application to include a back-end server for product data management and a registration distribution system.

Easy Data Creation

Uses photos from digital cameras and smartphones to easily make new data records without the hassle of 3D models.

SNS Friendly

Customers can use Compare Mode to connect their favorite items list with SNS accounts. Simulation images can be posted and shared easily for friends and family to make their voices heard.

Astonishing 3D Images From just 1 Photo

Our technology can precisely detect facial contours and features from your photo in just a few seconds.

Facial Analysis Features

Our original facial analysis software makes it possible to get advanced recommendations based on the customer's unique facial features. The recommendation feature improves itself by recording and analyzing the names of the products that are actually purchased by customers.

Accurate Simulation

Displays a faithful reproduction of wearing real glasses thanks to an accurate simulation utilizing face size and PD values. Responsive to the effect of lens strength on facial appearance for both near-sightedness and far-sightedness.Also includes tinted lens options.

The glasses data management system

・In addition to the front-end application, we also provide a system for adding and managing data of glasses.

・We provide a server for operating the system.

Subscribers can directly add data of the glasses

・ A dedicated account will be provided to use the system for addition and management of data.

・The management tool can be used to add and delete data of glasses,change the display order, and edit various attributes.

Subscribers can prepare data of the glasses

・We provide an editing tool for preparing data to be used in the simulator.

・If you send us pictures of the glasses, we can prepare the data for you.

Configure products managed by retail stores

・You can register retail stores with the management tool and select products managed by each store.

・Glasses data of the configured products can be downloaded to the terminal of the retail stores from the glasses data management system.

Available on various platforms :